Thursday, October 16, 2008

To price or not to price

So today we are pricing things for the estate sale for my grandparent's house. This is such a hard thing to do. How do you put a price on the priceless. Some of it priceless because no one could ever understand the value of the memories or the love that item holds and some of it priceless because well... who the hell would want it!?!

This weekend I started to have my first moments of true anxiety about this sale. We have been sorting and gathering, and collecting and passing stuff out to the family for almost 2 years now. We have come to the point were we need to pull the damn band aid off and get it over with already!!! Well, now that we are here, the complete pack rat and memory whore inside of me is saying, "Oh God, I hope we got everything we want.....what if we should keep that?" I have images of myself following poor customers to their car emphasizing the importance of what they have in their hands and making sure they promise to take care of it and then realizing in their eyes that they don't deserve it and giving them their money back.

I will say this .... I have made a very serious effort not to bring too much crap into my house. JUST the IMPORTANT crap. A lot of her baking and cooking things; bowls that, quite frankly, they just don't make them as awesome and perfect as they used to. And her cast iron skillets.... do you have any idea how long it takes to perfect a cast iron skillet?? Well, I have one that has probably 60+ years of artery clogging delicious-ness seasoned into it now.

There are some other things that I am coveting, but I don't really need them and they could score a pretty penny if the right collector comes by. I am planning to take it if we don't sell it for the price we are listing, but if someone does come by and recognizes it and is willing to cough up the cash, so be it.... I just don't have the room in my house to absorb another person's house. I can see how easily people become overwhelmed with stuff.... houses packed to the extreme, multiple storage units... endless "if only I could organize it all".....

Oh well..... send on the shoppers.... the economy sucks and Christmas is right around the corner.... I got some great vintage stuff great for gifts!!

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