Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Come on, producers......

I don't know WHY I thought it was possible, but I ACTUALLY believed that a competition that states you can vote and your vote counts and will determine the outcome was in fact TRUE. I should know better. I have a background in theatre. I even know someone who has worked in production on "reality" TV, so I know from his mouth that it is all a facade..... BUT I STILL FOOLISHLY BELIEVED that the America's Got Talent model was in fact real.....

They didn't even try to hide the difference from the British version. For those of you who may not know - last year, on the British version of this show, there was a goofy looking adorable cell phone salesman who knocked the judges and audience members off their feet when he opened his mouth and an angelic opera voice filled the room singing Nessun Dorma. It was phenomenal. He ended up winning that season. He then became an underground Internet sensation because of his you tube clip and eventually went on to making a CD - which is great by the way.

Fast forward to America's version this season. An overweight, down on his luck, good ole country boy comes up to the mic.... and what should come out of his mouth (oh so unexpectedly)?!? That's right, Nessun Dorma. And what, pray tell, was the audience and judges reactions??? Roaring standing ovation....

Wait a minute... haven't I seen this before??

Fast forward a little more - he has "humbly" made it through the entire season and it is time for his final performance ..... THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO CHANGE THE CONCEPT OF THE BACKGROUND SETS!!! The background of the TWO (British vs American) songs, which again, were exactly the same, were almost identical down to the fire spark waterfall. (** Post Publish EDIT: I just tried to watch the below you-tube clips silumltaneously and I swear it is almost the same camera angles. It is certainly the same background tape/additional vocals, the same smoke, the same tux, the same concave vertical towers with digital blue bars projected on it)

I don't like being taken for a fool.... and so blatantly. Don't tell me I have a choice or a vote when I don't.... I might start suspecting you of modeling our government.

Paul Potts (British version - 2007):

Neal E. Boyd (American version - 2008):

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