Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The big show

Last night Mike and I were treated to a fantastic show. It had wrestling, dancing, magic, gymnastics, music.... several curtain calls..... phenomenal!!

And we didn't even have to leave the house or get out of our Pj's.

Max and Ben were working very seriously in their room for an hour last night while Daddy and I were doing dinner and other various tasks. We get a shout out from upstairs..."Mommy, Daddy... the SHOW is gonna start in 10 minutes, okay?!?!?"

Uhm, okay... but can we see the show after dinner?

Okay, okay.....


Are you ready for the show???

Me- not realizing the complexity of the show, asks for shower time, then show, which after a sigh, was granted.

Shower time.

Mommy - Daddy!! Are you ready for the show?!?!

Okay - this must be serious.... they have now held on to this concept for at least 3 hours. So upstairs we go for the big show...... Daddy has been put in charge of the curtain and the music. I was told to just sit down and be the audience... Now for those of you out there already giggling, you are right, the idea of me JUST SITTING at MY children's first show is, well, poppy cosh!! I was trying to give them ideas, or help them with the curtain, and my efforts were greeted with exasperated sighs of "NO!!! YOU JUST SIT DOWN!!!" They finally gave in and allowed me announce them.


Once they recovered from their body shaking giggles of excitement at hearing their names announced they burst through the curtain and gave us a very well thought out show complete with taking turns and props.

And if you think this theatre momma wasn't bursting with applause and pride... you don't know whose blog you're reading!

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