Monday, October 13, 2008

A shout out to Mom!

SO I want to give a little shout out to my mom, I am just so proud of her right now. She has come out of her comfort zone to try something different, and it is really hard, but she is keeping with it and I gotta just give her some props!!

She is suffering from a frozen shoulder. It is very painful. She as had it before on the other shoulder and it is a very long and very painful process. Last time she suffered through it she was also dealing with my dad's cancer, so I think she managed to suppress alot of the pain behind, He has BRAIN cancer... what is a little painful shoulder compared to that?? Well, let me tell you, it is agonizing just to watch her on a daily basis. She can't lift her arm, has very little range of motion, and will get sudden shooting pains that take her breathe away. Nothing has helped and all modern medicine can offer is meds and time.

She has been suffering sleepless nights for months now, and I think she finally found the end of her rope, because she finally agreed to TRY acupuncture. I nearly swerved my car off the road when she said she would give it a try. I was so excited and I didn't want her to come up with excuses as to why she couldn't, so I immediately hung up the phone, got her in touch with Linda ( the woman in the know about these sorts of things) and drove to work where I proceeded to print all the information I could about how scientific studies show how beneficial acupuncture is towards relieving if not curing the symptoms related to frozen shoulder.

She has been to 3 sessions in less than a week, and though she is still in pain, the pain is more specific to one area and not radiating like it did before and that is what the wise Chinese man told her would happen ( and what I read as well).

I am so happy she is trying something different and I am praying that it works!!!

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