Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So many topics, so little time

Oh what to talk about today.... the debate? Neighbor's night out? AIG's $440,000 vacation we just paid for???? The fact that it is all going to hell in a hand basket and no one cares?

NEIGHBOR'S NIGHT OUT: Yesterday I made tortilla/cream cheese/ham pinwheels and marched them along with my family down to the nearest cul-de-sac for a lovely neighbor's night out celebration. Not as many people showed up as last year but, it was still very lovely. There was one other young boy there who played with our boys. As we were leaving, I asked where he lived to see if it was close enough to become "ride bikes" and "hang out" kind of friends, and sure enough, he did. I asked who his mommy and daddy were, and he excitedly led me to his parents to introduce them. The dad was great, the mom.... not so much. She was the kind of woman who has a face like something around her smells... and apparently it was me. The dad and I chatted for awhile while the mom begrudgingly gave us one shoulder and occasionally offered a bone of her opinion to what ever it was we were talking about.... (Me)"Oh I wanna get home soon, I have become some what of a political junkie this season!I was a little disappointed in the VP debate - not enough train wrecks (ha, ha, ha)" (Her)"Oh, I was in Mexico watching the vice presidential debate." I asked if we could exchange numbers and maybe try to get together since it is so hard to find neighborhood friends and the dad was all, that's great, you should come swim, we heat our pool... and I swear she almost put her hand over his mouth, like, don't invite THEM!!! She recovered by saying, well, they could ride bikes near us, it is safer... which it is... but... let's just say I am not getting the vibe that we will be sharing Saturday morning coffee at the kitchen table any time soon... which is fine because I don't like coffee.

THE TOWNHALL DEBATE: It was either early Parkinson's or absolute disdain for his opponent, but did any one else notice McCain shaking the entire night?? He would walk around the arena and his shoulders just shook, his voice shook. I was a little disappointed with him because he came across almost desperate sometimes with his just PLEASE listen to ME, NOT HIM approach to answers. Obama, looked uncomfortable, and he has GOT to learn that we are NOT stupid. You DO NOT need to follow up on every comment, especially ones that we clearly heard to be false. You said you would cross Pakistani borders if that meant you could kill Bin Laden, He said you were going to attack Pakistan. We are smart enough to know the difference between the two sentences, you did not need to go against debate rules to "comment" and "clarify" your position. And for goodness sakes people....ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!!!! Don't manipulate the question to be something that YOU want to talk about....because guess what, this is NOT ABOUT YOU!! It is about US!! And this is what WE want to know!!

A side note here - the term entitlements makes my skin crawl - I wish it would just all go away - as if we are all entitled to have the government create systems where the rest of your neighbors pay for you. I understand the concept was, give us some of your money now, when you can work, we will save it and then you can have it back later, when you can't..... but the term entitlement.... it just doesn't sit well with me.

AIG's POST BAILOUT, STRESS RELEASING SPA VACATION: I think I am going to throw up. I think I am going to throw in the towel and beg for relief because the amount of absolute stupidity on behalf of those in charge boggles the mind. I am willing to retract every word I am about to say if in fact it turns out to be a media twisted sub story with false info - but until then... I understand where the concept of civil revolution came from. It comes when people are SO PISSED they just can't handle it any more.

How, HOW, H-O-W can you possibly justify going from inches away from falling off the cliff of total company destruction to accepting a safety net from the American people to getting into your luxury cars and driving off to an exclusive California resort and spending $440,000 of that net on ONE WEEK's worth of rooms, dinners, GOLF OUTINGS and SPA TREATMENTS ($23,000)!!!!!!

I can't think about this anymore... I think my head is about to explode.

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