Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are you okay?

Yes, I am okay. Bekah asked me in the comments of the below post if I was okay with my baby not being a baby anymore and yes... I am. But I will say, yesterday's experience made me feel very very mature.

It was very weird being the PARENT of the student. It was very weird having the principal and the teachers come to checkout Max (and us for that matter). I all of a sudden felt like a MOM... not a mommy. I felt like I had walked into the role of a character, that I knew the lines, I knew the demeanor, but it was not me. I could not wait to get the kids to the playground at burger king and chase them and holler up the slide singing silly songs.

The other very interesting moment I had was seeing the age difference between Max and Ben very clearly for the first time in a long time. I have a very bad habit of putting those two peas in the same pod because they play so well together and well.... most if not all of my interaction with them is as a twosome. Well, when we got to the school, Max was very excited and had a lot of questions and showed great interest in everything. Ben, was shy and hid behind legs and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Max stood beside me as we navigated the lines from station to station, knowing this was for him. Ben dragged daddy outside to play on the stairs because this big school pond was way to big for such a little fish.

Another moment I do not want to forget EVER...... it was getting late, I was in the final line for the final station and there was a group of kids that was in the same area. Not really playing together, but rather, around each other. Max looked at me and asked if he could go over there... sure, baby, some of those kids are going to be your new friends, go have fun.... he runs off to run in circles with the other kids... Ben follows..... the next thing you know, I turn around and my husband has organized all these kids into a game of red light/green light. They are hanging on his every instruction and cannot wait to get their turn to be the lamp post. At one point, Mike was the lamp post and all the kids got to him at once and tackled him in uproarious laughter! Clearly my husband missed his calling to be a gym coach.....

.... my husband is a sexy fox.... did I mention that???

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