Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is not a joke.....

Honestly, people, you cannot question God.

It is not up to you to question or demand or throw a temper tantrum.

The following events happened this evening with no exaggeration.

I received a wedding invitation in the mail. It is an invitation to a wedding that I have known was happening for years. It is happening far away from here over a holiday weekend. The people getting married are like my second family and have been for almost 20 years.

I need to call them. I need to call them and tell them that there is just no way we can come. We have tried to save money for months now, but we just had to dip into that money to start paying for Ben's surgery and honestly, I cannot imagine how we are going to stretch the budget further than ramen noodles and holes in our socks to accomplish this... we just have to make the adult decision and call them and let them know we cannot come.

Flip through the rest of the mail

Open check from mortgage company... our escrow account on the new house was significantly over estimated and here is the money back.... sorry for the inconvenience.

Pack your bags, boys..... we are going to LA!!

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