Monday, April 28, 2008

Tell me I am not crazy....

You are not crazy.

okay thanks.... now I will stop thinking almost non-stop of the upcoming surgery that I am purposely putting my 3 yr old child through in one week.
I will stop playing the game in my head how "he is sooooo gonna hate you when he wakes up next Monday".
I will stop playing the game that I don't mind if he hates me as long as he wakes up.
I will stop replaying in my head, "it was more serious than we thought" scenarios.
I will stop remembering the pain that I felt when I was an adult having this same surgery and remember that this surgery is not as serious to small kids and they bounce back like rubber bands.
I will embrace the fact I get to snuggle with him in our bed in our own environment rather than panic at the thought that they are sending me home within hours of major surgery with a three yr old who may or may not take his medicine because I may not be able to convince him that if he swallows the pain now the pain will go away in 20 minutes.
I will not spend time thinking of all the poking and prodding and cutting and tubes that they will insert into my child and rather pretend that they are merely sprinkling fairy dust over his face and "POOF" it is done!

I will stop all that... uh, huh... yeah..... I am gonna stop all that..... right now.....

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