Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We need new phones

We need new phones.... everywhere.... the phones at the house do not work and our cell phones work only some of the time. We have been dragging our feet on this process because of several factors which I will list below:

- I want a 4 phone system for the house. We have digital phone service and only one line - meaning, I only have one working jack to place the "in-line" and then I want 3 other stations to place around the house. You would think this would be easy, but no. ALL 4 station phones have digital answering machines with them. I don't need a digital answering machine, and apparently you cannot just bypass the feature... this really irritates me....

- My precious husband has slowly watched the screen on his cell phone deteriorate to the point that it is just a pretty blob that resembles a sunshine. He has no idea who is calling, cannot receive texts, cannot use his address book, nothing. I do not always get calls anymore and the charge doesn't last for crap. We have gotten the letters from our current provider ATT - get a new cell phone just re-sign a contract. But I am not sure that we want to keep ATT - to be honest - who the hell has the best deals anyway. I don't have time to do this kind of research.

- I know the moment we make a decision on any of them, spend money we do not have or sign contracts - we will decide we hate it or that it doesn't work and we will be stuck with broken poor decisions for the next few years. So in other words, instead of choosing wrong, we just don't choose.

- the idea that this post makes me stressed and teary eyed is a problem - don't you think?

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