Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Graduation season is approaching

So yesterday I received the flyer to order Max's cap and gown for the graduation ceremony next month. Yes, my baby is going to be graduating from pre-k and heading off to that big bad world of big boy school and kindergarten. I was explaining to him how proud I was and how I was going to cry and he very coldly stated, "Oh mommy... don't cry. I am just a big boy now!"

JUST a big boy now!?!?!?!

I am pretty sure I am going to embarrass myself grately when it comes to the ceremonial events in my children's lives. Just thinking of him in his cap and gown got me teary eyed. I can't even talk about what I am going to be like on the first day of school!!

This morning he was writing in his notebook with his pencil - MOOSE A. MOOSE.
"Do you see mommy? This is how you write Moose A. Moose's name...see... 'm-o-o-s-e...(etc)' And do you want me to write his friends name? 'Z-E-E'... see... just like that... this says both of their names."

I am not sure if it is normal to become dizzy with pride and want to pass out because your child has instantly become the smartest child alive.

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