Monday, April 07, 2008

Not my proudest mommy moment

So I am back after a whirl wind trip to visit grandparents.... more on that later.

I am tired, I am achy from sleeping on a blow up air mattress, I am not in the mood for:

"Mommy..... can we sleep with you tonight?"
"No, baby, mommy sleeps with daddy."
"But you ALWAYS get to love on daddy and we really miss you and, mommy, PLEASE can we sleep with you tonight?"
"Baby, it is a school night and mommy is really tired...."
"Okay... here is the deal, mommy is not going to bed right now. You both go lie in your bed. When it is time for mommy to go to sleep, I will come into your room. If you are still awake, you can come down and sleep with me." to bed they went.

I am now sitting here browsing the Internet and waiting for them to go to sleep.

IN MY DEFENSE: I am utterly exhausted and I cannot sleep with children kicking and rolling all over me all night. I promise I will make it up to them...

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