Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Festival of Rebekanukah

Yes, ladies and and gents.... with the arrival of the April showers, we enter the month of my birth. April - nick named Rebekanukah after my name and the Jewish festival of lights - my festival of lights this year will include 33 candles plus one to grow on. I wish I could say this was my clever idea, but no.... this named festival is merely a tip of the hat in homage to my dear friend, Todd, whose festival of Toddikah is celebrated 15 days prior to and 15 days after his day of birth in September.

In celebration of Rebekanukah, I have decided to attempt another NaBloPoMo - meaning I am going to attempt to blog every day during April. Here are some topics we have to look forward to this month:

- Well... Me... because Lord knows I like to talk about me and my endless journey to find "me"!
- The boys - Ben is having surgery, Max is graduating pre-k... oh so much to talk about!
- My grandpa, his fall, our experiences in the hospital and my soap box lectures to all of you on the importance of empowerment of the patient and caregivers in the medical industry.
- The arrival of Riley - Todd and Allison's sweet baby girl!

I am looking forward to this month and this challenge.... And no, this is not an April Fool's joke, I really really really am going to try every day!!

Speaking of April Fool's jokes:

Max: why is today april fool?
Mommy: I really don't know... but it is a day where you tell jokes and make each other laugh.
Max: Oh
Mommy: Do you want to make a joke?
Max: YES!!!!!
Mommy: Okay.... when we get home...(whisper whisper whisper whisper)
Max: (beaming and clapping his hands) okay okay okay!!!

Drive into the drive way and daddy is washing his truck - Max jumps out of the car and runs over to him

Max: Daddy, daddy...GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! I am going to be a BIG BROTHER AGAIN!!!!
Daddy: (looking at me and talking to him) What did you just say?
Max: Ha Ha!! APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!

Daddy then excused himself to change his underwear.....

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